Other Elements On The High Altar I

The over-arching Latin inscription Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, recalls the tremendous doxology of the angels during the theophany in Isaiah 6:3. The sun and moon, evoke that the praises of God are endlessly sung by the martyrs and by all the heavenly hosts together with the Church on earth (rev. 4:8; cf. 7:9-15) There are 33 eight-pointed stars on the royal blue panels: 17 on the left panel beside the image of St. Pedro and 16 on the right beside the image of our Lady of Guadalupe (patroness of Cebu). The 33 stars represent the probable number of years Christ spent here on earth. The 16 stars represent the probable age of the Blessed Virgin Mary when she gave birth to Christ. And the 17 stars represent the number of years St. Pedro spent here on earth. The eight points of each star evoke the 8 Beatitudes.

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