Other Elements On the High Altar III

The 6 worshipping angels done by Pablo Agusto are holding symbols that speak of the life of San Pedro. The angel at the bottom right holds the Rope used to tie around Blessed Diego since he was half-blind. This facilitated St. Pedro in guiding him. At the bottom left is an angel holding a copy of the Catechism in Chamorro Language. The angel in the middle right holds a Chamorro Spear when he was speared by Matapang. The angel in the middle left holds a Catana which recalls how Pedro was struck on the head with a cutlass by Hirao and thus gave up his spirit. In the upper right is angel holding a bunch of White Lilies that represents the virtue of purity in soul and body. Finally, the angel holding a Palm Branch is symbol of martyr’s palm of victory. The missionaries of Marianas were so devoted to the angels, especially to St. Michael.

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