Endowed with bounties of nature; the municipality of Concepcion, represents one of the finest destinations in the entire province. The town is one of the more popular island destinations in Iloilo where dreams of sun-drenched, palm-fringed tropical beaches are turned into exotic and romantic realities. With so many stretches of beautiful island beaches with kilometers of white sands, there will always be one perfect place for you to lie back, relax and enjoy in the island.

Concepcion is also locally significant due to its rich biological diversity. It has Live Coral covers, Tabon birds, Watching-Bread Sea Eagles, Sabalo (mother milkfish), seven (7) Enfangered Species of Giant Clams, Sea Turtles, Dugong or Sea Cow, rare wild orchids and wild monkeys or Philippine Macaque.

The town has 16 islands, namely Agho, Bago-abo, Bago-Isi Chico or Bagosipol, Baliguian, Bocot, Botlog, Bulubadiangan, Clebra or Bago-alas, Danao-Danao, Malangabang, Igbon, Pan de Azucar, Sombrero or Botlog Gamay, Tago or San Vicente and Tagubanhan.

Nearest to the mainland is Tago (San Vicente) Island which is approximately 200 meters away from the mainland. The farthest is Baliguian, a coral reef is approximately 22 kilometers from the town center. The biggest island Pan de Azucar (considered a dead volcano) is home to Mount Manaphag rising 572 meters above sea-level. The smallest is the uninhabited Bocot Island.

The Third-Class municipality of Concepcion is situated in the northeastern part of the province. The town is 111.4 kilometers or almost a two-hour drive from Iloilo City. It shares border in the north by the municipality of San Dionisio, in the south by the municipality of Ajuy, in the west by the municipality of Sara, and in the east by the Visayan Sea. It has a total land area of 9,702hectares that is politically subdivided into 25 barangays.

Concepcion is populated by 43, 159 (2015 Census on Population) Concpcionanons. Market day is every Thursdsay. It annually celebrates its Religious Fiesta every 8th of December in honour of Our Lady of Imaaculate Conception.

To get there, visitors can take can take the bus at the new Ceres Terminal, Barangay Camalig, Jaro Iloilo City.


Concepcion was originally called Bacjawan, following the native practice of naming places after natural landmarks. The place actually means “the place of the bacjaw trees” which used to proliferate in wide swampy areas along the coast.

In 1855, during the Spanish colonial regimne, bacjawan was formally founded as a pueblo, with Felizardo Azucena as its first captain basal or gobernadorcillo. Later, the local Cabesas de Barangay petitioned the Spanish Comandante Enrique Garcia to change the name of the town from Bacjawan to Concepcion, in honor of the first born daughter of Capitan Azucena.

In 1895, the town became officially known as Concepcion, and recognized as a political subdivision of the national government. Today, two adjoining barangays west of the poblacion still carry the name Bacjawan.

Concepcion was the seat of the sub-Province of Northern Iloilo in 1872 – 1899 which comprised of the towns of Banate, Barotac Viejo, Ajuy, Sara, San Dionisio, Estancia, Balasan and Carles.


TAMBALIZA ISLAND also known as Pan de Azucar Island is the largest of all Concepcion islands. Located seven (7) nautical miles from the town center covers the barangays of Tambaliza, Macatunao and Taloto-an. It is characterized by cliffs. It is surrounded by green areas with its centrepiece, Mt. Manaphag, categorized as a dead volcano, rises 572 meters above sea-level. It is ranked 127th highest mountain in the country according to Peakery Data. Popular in the area is the Hampangan Rock in Barangay Tambaliza that offers natural inland picnic grooves and a scenic hike to its Station of the Cross. Lumpatan Rock in Barangay Macatunao is ideal for diving and swimming.

BAGO SIPOL or CHICO ISLAND located 7.2 miles east from the town proper is a perfect oasis for anyone who is looking for complete isolation and relaxation. Measuring four (4) hectares, it is one of the least-visited island beaches in the area with its gorgeous white-sand and crystal clear water. It is impossible for visitors not to feel relaxed in a place filled with so much serenity.

SPANISH CANNONS are historical artefacts situated at the front of the Municipal building. A SPANISH WELL is found in Barangay Agnaga.

AGHO ISLAND located in Barangay Igbon 7 nautical miles northeast from the town center is considered one of the most popular island beaches of Concepcion. This eight (8) hectare `island is one of the few uninhabited islands with extensive creamy-white sand beach area and s sprawling coral reef.

BULUBADIANGAN ISLAND located 5 nautical miles east from the town center is known for its beautiful panoramic view with the longest sandbar in all of the islands in Concepcion. It is one of the most-visited and photographed island beaches in the province.

BASIAO ROCK FORMATION located in Danao-Danao Island is known for its wind-carved rocks and natural pools.

MOUNT APITONG rising 473 meters above sea-level is one of the the three (3) sites of the Voice of America (VOA) in Panay Island that linked the Philippine Guerilla and the United States Armed Firces.

COMPOUND OF NORTHERN ILOILO POLYTECHNIC STATE COLLEGE is a former site of the headquarters of the Spanish Commandancia of the defunct Sub-Province of northern Iloilo.


TAMPISAW is celebrated every 3rd week of April. It was coined from a Hiligaynon term Tampisaw or “to frolic” or “playfully wade in the water.” It is a three day festivity that coincides with the annual Earth Day Celebration—celebrated in almost 192 countries across the globe, the event is to increase awareness and appreciation of our natural environment.

The LGU had worked in partnership with other organisations to support community programs which promote conservation. Many actions are being taken to prevent pollution especially at their island beaches, with the local government tackling sources of pollution in a range of ways.

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