Gloria de Dapitan

Dapitan is a historic city that has managed to integrate the essence of modernization into the fabric of everyday life. The best testament to this is Gloria de Dapitan, a modern commercial complex that boasts of twin big screens 3D and 2D cinema houses, department store, supermarket, gym, bowling alley, and rows of restaurants and shops.

It also features an outdoor stage where cultural and pop shows are performed behind the imposing Gallera de Dapitan which regularly hosts cockfighting derbies attended by national game bird aficionados.

Gloria de Dapitan is known for its diverse culinary offerings that include Chow Bai, Peaches and Cream, Beer and BBQ, and the recently opened Moroccan restaurant Marrakech.

Within the spacious compound is the three-hectare theme park Fantasyland which offers an array of exciting rides and colorful extravaganzas for both adults and children alike.

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