A sleepy community located close to the provincial capital, Hamtic plays a considerable significance in Antique’s history.

This town is home to the Malandog Marker that commemorates the first Malaysian settlement in the Philippines and the first Filipino governor of Antique who was a local hero during the Spanish revolution.

A local epic on Panay history called the Maragtas tells of 10 Bornean datus who sailed northward with their families and first settled in what is now the village of Malandog in Hamtic.

The Malandog Marker that commemorates the first Malaysian settlement in the Philippines.

The Province of Antique commemorates this arrival with an annual celebration called the Binirayan Festival.

Historical shrines

Hamtic used to be the provincial capital before it was moved to San Jose de Buenavista. Antique also used to be called Hamtic way back in the 13th century when the island of Panay was divided into three sakups (jurisdictions): Hamtik or Hantik (now Antique), Aklan, and Irong-Irong (Iloilo).

Gen. Leandro Fullon Shrine.

The name Hantik comes from the large black ants called “hantik-hantik” that were plentiful in the area.

The town of Hamtic is eight kilometers from San Jose. Some of the historical and cultural shrines in the town include the Campo Santo (old stone church in Hamtic Cemetery), Gen. Leandro Fullon Shrine that depicts the birth of the Republic, and the Evelio B. Javier statue at Barangay EBJ.

The first Malay settlement. (Photo provided by Antique Provincial Tourism Office)


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