Holy Child Parish Church

Jimalalud was among the early missions turned over to the Augustinian Recollects when they took over the evangelization of Negros in 1848.

One of their first few acts when they assumed control was to create Tayasan into a parish separate from Tanjay together with the missions of Jimalalud and Ayungon on May 8, 1849.

Fr. Antonio Moreno was one of first few priests assigned to the Tayasan parish and, within four years, he had put up such structures as churches, schools, and convent in Manjuyod, Ayungon, and Jimalalud.

Independent parish

In 1886, the parish of Tayasan was transferred to the parish of Jimalalud upon the request of Fr. Candido Diez, who served as parish priest from 1883-1889, according to the book “Handurawan: Visita Iglesia Negros Y Recoletos.” He has been described as very zealous in spreading the Christian faith throughout the missions.

About three years later, in 1889, Jimalalud was established as an independent parish dedicated to the Señor Sto. Niño but, although not clear why, was only assigned a regular priest in the name of Fr. Andres Frantilla in 1925, information from the parish stated.

When it came to public administration during US colonial rule, Jimalalud was made part of Tayasan in 1903 and only became a separate town in 1913. A popular tale said its name was taken from a tree known in the local language as “hambabalud.”

Modern church

The current Holy Child Parish Church can be traced back to the late 20th century when its completion became the central focus of priests assigned to the parish. While the plan for a modern church started with Fr. Florencio Gabas in 1959, his single year of service wasn’t enough to bring it to fruition.

Building a bigger and stronger edifice became a project of the parish that spanned years, from the time Fr. Vicente Chan started raising funds in 1960 for its construction and his successor Fr. Antonio Millares sourcing the budget for the church doors and altars to Fr. Andres Flores purchasing the deeply venerated image of the Sto. Niño before he left in 1972.

Work on the church continued up 1978 when it was finally finished during the tenure of Fr. Victor Fontejon. The priest, who served the parish until 1984, laid as well the cornerstone for the belfry in 1979.

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